Going Camping Over The Christmas Period? Here's Why You Should Pack Merino!

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If you're heading away for a Christmas camping trip, decking your little ones out in Merino Wool is a decision you'll be grateful for - here's why!

 Camping is undeniably more enjoyable when the kiddos are snug, happy, and not bothered by scratchy jumpers.

Let's dive straight into it!

Children dressed in merino clothing while on a bushwalk.

Temperature Regulation 
Whether it's a chilly night beneath the stars, or a sunny day exploring the bush, Merino Wool steps up as a superhero. It's exceptional temperature-regulating properties ensures your child stays comfortably cosy, adapting seamlessly to the ever-changing outdoor conditions. Even when Merino gets wet, it still retains it's insulating properties, making it the perfect choice for camping.

Fire Resistant 
Campfire stories and marshmallow roasting are the best camping moments. Rest easy knowing that Merino Wool is fire-resistant, providing an additional layer of safety for your little adventurers.

UV Protection
Merino Wool offers UV protection, meaning by simply having your little ones dressed in Merino, they are naturally protected from the sun's harmful rays while enjoying the great outdoors.

No Washing Machine - No Worries
Merino Wool is odour resistant, so it can be worn for days without needing to be washed. The magic lies in the Merino's ability to absorb odour-causing bacteria, preventing reproduction or growth on the surface. A simple air-dry between wears does the trick - practical and hassle-free! 

In a nutshell, Merino Wool works like magic, and is a must-have essential clothing range to take on your camping adventures. From regulating temperature and ensuring unmatched comfort, to weather resilience and fire-resistant qualities, Merino Wool is a game changer.

Happy (almost) holidays - may your camping trip be filled with great memories, accompanied by the magic of Merino!

To read more about the many benefits of Merino Wool, click here.

Merino Wool & Camping: A Match Made In Heaven | Sweet Cheeks Merino


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