How We Give Back

Our Commitment

There are four areas we are passionate about at Sweet Cheeks Merino:

  1. Creating a product that is high quality, lasts a long time and sustainably produced
  2. Minimising waste and pressure on the environment 
  3. Giving something good back to the community
  4. Supporting local manufacturing and other small family businesses 

For any business in the retail manufacturing game, when producing a run of garments, there will always be:

  1. Fabric offcuts that are too small to make any clothing from;
  2. Fabric offcuts that are just big enough to make items like mittens and beanies from but are not required by our business;
  3. Samples, end of lines or faulty products that become obsolete and unable to be sold. 

For the majority of businesses, this is just a wastage that they factor into and this waste will more often than not end up in landfill. 

We want to be different. Click here to find out all the different ways we re-purpose our scraps, samples, end of line and faulty products which helps to ensure that almost nothing goes to waste!

Read here about our fantastic charity partners.

 Growing up in New Zealand, we know first hand just how cold the winter mornings can be. And too many houses in New Zealand are not built with sufficient heating. By donating what we can, we are doing our part to help ensure that every newborn starts their life toasty and warm. 

As our brand grows, we cut more and more fabric which produces more scraps, more samples, more end of line products which we can then donate. 

By continuing to support Sweet Cheeks Merino, you are helping to make a difference to the lives of hundreds of newborns each year. 

Sweet Cheeks Merino Charity Give Back Initiative

Our Packaging 

We are pretty proud of our packaging. We have switched from cellophane bags to premium paper swing tags. Not only have we eliminated all plastic from our packaging, but the swing tags are 100% recyclable.

So not only are you purchasing clothes that are free from micro-plastics (unlike all synthetic fabrics), you can rest easy knowing that our packaging won't harm the environment either. 

Our Fight Against Fast Fashion

We want your Sweet Cheeks to last. Nothing makes us happier than when we hear from our customers that their Sweet Cheeks Merino bodysuit has been passed down two or three times. 

We know just how expensive having a baby can be. From strollers and high chairs to toys, books and nappies. Cared for right, your Sweet Cheeks items should last for years and years to come. 

Learn how to care for your items here

New Zealand Landscape - Sweet Cheeks Merino

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