Parenting Questions: Are Tights Good for Babies?

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If your baby’s closet is filling up with items of clothing to keep them comfortable, you might find yourself on a never-ending quest. The truth is that babies don’t know how to regulate their body temperature as well as adults. And it can be a balancing act keeping baby comfy!

One solution is baby tights. Baby tights can keep baby warm and allow you to add layers when it’s cold and remove them when it’s warm.

At Sweet Cheeks, we offer a merino wool blend baby tight that helps your baby stay comfy, and baby tights can also be a feature in your baby’s fashion, making a real fashion statement.

Your baby’s comfort is extremely important to us, so let’s look at baby tights and see whether baby tights are good for babies.

What Are Baby Tights?

Baby tights fall between a sock and a pair of pants and serve several uses. They are the best of both worlds with their built-in feet, allowing the warmth to lock in and add that extra layer of comfort.

They provide that extra layer of comfort to babies and look great - making for the perfect fashion accessory for your little one.

Can Newborns Wear Baby Tights?

When considering purchasing baby tights for your newborn, what’s important to remember is that you will always want to go a little larger just to ensure you’re not putting too much pressure. Plus, with the rate at which some babies grow, it’s always handy to have a slightly bigger size for them to grow into 

Being babies, they’ll likely not be at the stage where they are racing around the room, so by buying larger sizes; you won’t risk the tights falling and becoming a tripping hazard for your baby.

Are Baby Tights Enough to Keep Baby Warm?

As you may know, babies can find it hard to keep their body temperature constant like adults up until about 18 months of age due to their body weight and skin surface, so adding layers of clothes, like baby tights, can help manage your baby's comfort levels.

If you opt for something like a merino-based blend (we’ll talk more about our amazing baby tights later!), not only will they be perfect for helping keep your baby comfortable in different climates.

You needn’t worry about your baby being too hot or sweaty - especially with merino wool baby tights. The beauty about merino wool is that if your baby gets too sweaty, the wool can absorb the moisture and then transfer the sweat out of the fibres, meaning your baby is likely to stay comfortable in any situation.

How to Wear Baby Tights?

One leg in and then the other, right? Well, yes, but it is more than that. There are many ways to dress your baby up with baby tights that go far beyond keeping warm.

You can dress baby tights under a dress which is usually the most common way to wear them, but it doesn’t stop there. Layering bodysuits, baby rompers, or onesies with baby tights can create cute fashion options for any occasion or season.

Tights are usually layered under other clothes to cover up nappies, so remember to always pull the tights up over the nappie and, if wearing a onesie, under the onesie. Tights are meant to be layered underneath other clothes and help to cover up a diaper.

While the most important thing is to keep your baby comfortable, you don’t want to compromise fashion. That’s why our range of baby tights will help you accessorise your baby’s fashion, and they’ll turn heads everywhere you go.

Parenting Questions: Are Tights Good for Babies? | Sweet Cheeks Merino

Sweet Cheeks Baby Tights

Sweet Cheeks baby tights are comfy, soft, and look great.  Our tights are made from 70% merino wool, so they are gentle on the skin - especially for babies with sensitive skin.

The merino fibre will work to trap body heat, keeping legs nice and warm even on the coldest days.

Merino is naturally odour and bacteria-resistant. As the tights are mostly a merino blend, any sweat will be absorbed easily and transferred out, so no stinky, sweaty tights.

  • A plain knit with shaped heels and toes for a great fit
  • Made with 70% merino wool, 25% nylon and 5% lycra- these are the warmest tights for your baby to wear
  • Our tights come in pink, vanilla and navy, making the perfect base for a baby to be dressed up with various fashion options.
  • A comfortable gusset knitted into the tights for extra comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Made by Columbine in New Zealand

You can browse our range of merino baby tights here.

Our Process

Sweet Cheeks merino wool products are a unique process, and we’re proud of what we do.

Our process from start to finish allows us to perform most of our production processes here in Australia or New Zealand. Our process starts by sourcing wool from merino sheep, and then the raw fleece is taken to China, where the wool is spun into yarn. We take our raw fleece to China because there are no spinning facilities in Australia.

Once we get our yarn spun, it’s sent back to our Melbourne facility, knitted into rolls of fabric, and dyed using environmentally and ethically friendly GOTS certified dyed. This certification means that our dyes and methods are safe for your baby.

We pride ourselves on embracing slow fashion, so we design our products with longevity in mind. Our merino wool products can then be passed down from generation to generation while reducing environmental impacts. 

We also manufacture in small batches to reduce our footprint.

Our products are sent worldwide to babies; when shipping, all our packaging is either 100% compostable or 100% recyclable.

Baby Tights - The Verdict?

If you want to regulate your baby’s body temperature and make a fashion statement, we recommend our Sweet Cheeks merino baby tights. They are stylish and practical and come in various colours to match any occasion and fashion style.

Not only are Sweet Cheeks merino products comfortable, but we are proud to say that we’re doing our part for the environment. So when considering comfortable clothing options for your baby, check out our range of baby tights!

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