Are Baby Sleeping Bags Recommended?

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Baby sleeping bags have become a popular way to keep babies warm and safe and act as an alternative to bedding. If you have children, you want to try and source reliable information to help you navigate your new life with your baby, only to find a competing argument that says the opposite.

Are they safe? What sizes and materials do they come in? There are many questions about what product is right for your baby, which can feel overwhelming. This article answers these questions and more to help you decide whether a baby sleeping bag is recommended for your baby.

The Baby Sleeping Bag -  What you need to know

Choosing a sleeping bag for your baby or toddler can make all the difference in getting more sleep. While parents need to get enough sleep to function as good parents, what is most important is knowing that your baby is snug, warm, and safe in bed.

The baby sleeping bag was designed as an alternative to traditional blankets or bed sheets as the potential for suffocation or your baby being too hot during their sleep cycles was increased. The baby sleeping bag is an all-round alternative and helps to minimise sleeping hazards.

What’s good about the baby sleeping bag is that its design keeps your baby’s face clear from any bedding to ensure they can breathe easily, and there’s no risk of your baby kicking their bedding off while asleep and getting cold.


Baby sleeping bags create a subconscious sleep association, letting the baby know it's time to settle and sleep. Whether you decide on a Merino, organic cotton, or another fibre or filling comes down to your baby's requirements, the season, room temperature or preference.

Are Baby Sleeping Bags Recommended? | Sweet Cheeks Merino Blog


Sleeping bags with polyester or artificial fibre fillings that consistently perform to a standard or set temperature range tend to be TOG-rated (Thermal Overall Grade). Sleeping bags made with Merino are generally not rated, as they are a natural fibre that adjusts according to temperature. Merino is also excellent at wicking moisture away from the skin. 

If you opt for a merino wool product over synthetic materials, a TOG rating is something you needn’t worry about, as wool is a perfect way to help your baby regulate its temperature when sleeping all year round.


When deciding the size of a baby sleeping bag, you should choose the right size for your baby now, not for the future. While buying something your baby will grow into may seem better, you increase the risk of the bag becoming a potential hazard. A sleeping bag that is too big might mean that your baby may slide around inside it or slip down inside the neck.

The size of the sleeping bags can vary depending on what type of bag you buy. Some sleeping bags sized for use for newborns can be used for up to 12 months in some cases, whereas others are shorter.


Baby sleeping bags are a good option as they prevent your baby’s head from being covered, but they must be manufactured to the highest standard.

So what is recommended for a safe and comfortable sleeping bag? Bags must have a narrow enough neck opening to avoid suffocation, be free from excess materials and come with mitts to prevent babies from scratching themselves.

It’s essential to research the safety features of a baby sleeping bag before purchasing it to ensure you choose the right one for your baby.

Sweet Cheeks Envelope Neck Nightie

Our merino newborn nightie gowns are super soft and 100% wool, creating the perfect layer of warmth and comfort to wear under a sleeping bag or baby wrap on colder nights. Our newborn nighties are ideal for all weather conditions, so there is no need to worry about TOG ratings or purchasing multiple sleeping bags to suit different conditions.

The merino wool design helps for a night of better, longer sleep, allowing baby to regulate their body temperature and prevent overheating or waking up cold. Merino is also naturally hypoallergenic and is kind against sensitive skin.

We've tweaked this style to remove the buttons, which means no risk of a choking hazard for your baby while also being easier to remove. In addition, the envelope neck means you can take it off by slipping it down the body as well as going over the head, which is handy if the baby vomits or spills food down the front as you can avoid taking the nightie off over their head and spreading the mess through their hair!

100% merino envelope neck nightie gown | Sweet Cheeks Merino


  • Made from 100% super soft merino wool
  • Lightweight, non-irritating and incredibly soft against young sensitive skin
  • Merino naturally resists bacteria, stains and odours
  • Machine washable and quick to dry
  • Made in New Zealand

See our 100% merino envelope neck nightie here along with our customer reviews.

Sweet Cheeks Merino Products

Sweet Cheeks Merino wool products are a unique process, and we’re proud of what we do. 

Our process from start to finish allows us to perform most of our production processes here in Australia or New Zealand. We source wool from merino sheep, and then the raw fleece is taken to China, where the wool is spun into yarn. We take our raw fleece to China because there are no spinning facilities in Australia.

Once we get our yarn spun, it’s sent back to our Melbourne facility, knitted into rolls of fabric, and dyed using environmentally and ethically friendly GOTS certified dyed. This certification means that our dyes and methods are safe for your baby.

We then take the wool to Auckland to have the fabric cut to size, and then completed products are sent to our Auckland or Melbourne distribution centres, where they are checked, labelled and packed. 

We pride ourselves on embracing slow fashion, so we design our products with longevity in mind. Our merino wool products can then be passed down from generation to generation while reducing environmental impacts.

We respect the environment and want our customers to share the same values that we do.

All our packaging is either 100% compostable or 100% recyclable. Merino fibre is circular, meaning that it’s 100% biodegradable, meaning that it can be returned to the soil and completely break down.

We highly recommend baby sleeping bags for your baby! Our Sweet Cheeks Baby Button Nightie, made from merino wool, is the perfect way to keep your baby safe, warm and comfortable.

Are Baby Sleeping Bags Recommended? | Sweet Cheeks Merino Blog

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